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Daiwa Tanacom 1200 Reel


The Tanacom 1200 is the perfect electric reel option when deep drop fishing from a center console, a sportfishing boat, and a headboat.  This reel holds 1,100 yards of 80-pound-test Daiwa J-Braid, that’s 220 yards more than the Tanacom 1000.  It has a 30 percent faster retrieval rate at a quick 140m/min, and 20 percent more power with 22lbs of max winding power.   With 50 pounds of max drag, this reel can muscle a large Grouper out of the wreck or giant Tilefish out of the mud.  It also has an over-sized line guide aperture that is big enough to let swivels and large knots pass through which makes this reel perfect for Kite-fishing. 

The Tanacom 1200's motor and gearing is now hidden inside the spool allowing the reel to generate more power, speed and efficiency.  This along with the rigid frame and repositioned bearings protects this reel better from the saltwater.  With such a powerful motor and saltwater protection even the biggest Swordfish doesn't stand a chance against this reel.  

The new user friendly LED screen and sealed electronics package make it easy to set up power assist setting and procedures such as automatic stop and jigging features.  Anglers can fight fish with either the aluminum round knob and power lever or let the 12-volt power variable-speed assist do the heavy lifting.  At the end of the day, clean up is easy since the reel can be rinsed off with freshwater without worrying about the sealed electronics.  

Model Specifications

Bearings 4BB
Gear Ratio 2.1
Line Per Handle Turn 23
Wt. (oz.) 72
Line Capacity
(Lb. Test / Yards)

MONO: 30/850 40/600

J-BRAID: 80/1000, 100/850

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