P-Line Tactical 100% Pure Fluorocarbon - 200yd

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P-Line Tactical 100% Pure Fluorocarbon - 200yd

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P-Line Tactical 100% Pure Fluorocarbon Line

Your success as an angler depends on the tactical decisions you make long before you get to the water. You need every advantage possible to compete with the serious anglers of today and that starts with your line! Longer casts and extreme invisibility are just a few of the benefits you get when you spool P-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon. Because Tactical is derived using the latest in raw material and extrusion advancements, you can head to the water knowing you're spooled with the strongest, most durable fluorocarbon available.


  • Completely Invisible
  • Fast Sink Rate
  • Unparalleled Knot Strength
  • Extreme Castability

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