Cuda 6.5" Folding Filet Knife

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Cuda 6.5" Folding Filet Knife

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The Cuda 6.5" Folding Fillet Knife is built to last and highly portable. The precision ground knife blade is highly flexible for easy and precise filleting, and also boasts a full-tang construction of German 4116 corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The grip and durability of the knife is seconded by few thanks to these elements coming together. Complete with a secure liner lock system for safety and the signature Cuda non-slip scale pattern grip, there will be little to hinder the performance and portability of the 6.5" Folding Fillet Knife. No matter the conditions, like all legendary Cuda products, the 6.5" Folding Fillet Knife will persevere through it all and deliver the elite performance true fishermen deserve.

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