Shimano Nexave FI

  • Shimano Nexave FI
  • Shimano Nexave FI
  • Shimano Nexave FI
  • Shimano Nexave FI
  • Shimano Nexave FI
  • Shimano Nexave FI
  • Shimano Nexave FI
  • Shimano Nexave FI
  • Shimano Nexave FI

Shimano Nexave FI

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Shimano didn't just design the new Nexave series of spinning reels to look good in hand, engineers built Nexave reels with form and function ''and with the same Shimano quality standards ' to benefit anglers of all ages during their next fishing adventure. The newly-redesigned Nexave features Shimano's Propulsion Line Management System,'a specially-designed angled spool lip, to provide anglers with longer and more accurate casts by allowing the line to leave the spool in smaller coils with less friction. The Nexave series also features Shimano's G-Free Body technology to benefit anglers with less fatigue and enhanced casting comfort by shifting the center of gravity closer to the angler's hand. Anglers pursuing their first fish or their next trophy will find the needed reeling performance in the Nexave series of spinning reels.


  • Propulsion Line Management System
  • G-Free Body

compare models

Model number
monoline capacity 10/240, 12/195, 14/165 6/230, 8/170, 10/140
powerpro line capacity 20/260, 30/235, 40/185 10/200, 20/140, 40/105
powerpro line NONE NONE
gear ratio 5.8:1 6.2:1
lower gear ratio NONE NONE
drag type Front Drag Front Drag
maximum drag 24 20
secondary maximum drag NONE NONE
line retrieve per crank 39 36
lower line retrieve per crank NONE NONE
bearing count 3+1 3+1
grip material NONE NONE
lure rating NONE NONE
blank material NONE NONE
foregrip length NONE NONE
pieces NONE NONE
guide type NONE NONE
length NONE NONE
fish action NONE NONE
grip length NONE NONE
rear grip length NONE NONE
pound test NONE NONE
diameter inches NONE NONE
comparable mono diameter NONE NONE
material NONE NONE
fish type NONE NONE
line weight NONE NONE
handle type NONE NONE
rod length NONE NONE
taper design NONE NONE
drag material Felt Felt
rod action NONE NONE
line rating NONE NONE
rod power NONE NONE
number of pieces NONE NONE
rod blank material NONE NONE
rod handle material NONE NONE
rod hook keeper NONE NONE
gimbal NONE NONE
number of guides with tip NONE NONE
rod butt NONE NONE
reel seat NONE NONE
braid capacity yd lb NONE NONE
reel handle NONE NONE
spare spool NONE NONE
anti reverse feature NONE NONE
recovery rate NONE NONE
braking system NONE NONE
max drag NONE NONE
reel spool material NONE NONE

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