Smith FLARE Black + Polarized Gray Lens

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Smith FLARE Black + Polarized Gray Lens

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A throwback to the days of roller rinks and disco, the Flare has a '70s spirit. These Smith sunglasses are one of those rare styles that flatters most face shapes. Despite the bold look, the bio-based frames are surprisingly lightweight. They come with your choice of standard Carbonic lenses or ChromaPop™ polarized lenses that reduce glare and enhance color. Product Details: Vision ChromaPop™ polarized lenses cut glare and enhance color and contrast Carbonic polarized lenses cut glare and are impact-resistant Carbonic lenses offer impact resistance and clear optics Smudge and moisture resistant coating for easy cleaning and clear optics (ChromaPop™ option only) Anti-reflective coating improves clarity and reduces eye strain (ChromaPop™ option only) Fit / Integration Medium fit, large coverage 4-base lens curvature is just right for everyday wear Megol nose pads provide non-slip grip so glasses stay put Frame Evolve™ bio-based frame material is lightweight and durable Color Options: Tortoise + ChromaPop Polarized Rose Gold Mirror Tortoise + ChromaPop Polarized Brown Black Marble + ChromaPop Polarized Violet Mirror Matte Black + ChromaPop Polarized Gray Green Vintage Tortoise + Polarized Brown Gradient Black + Polarized Gray

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