Smith SERPICO 2 Gold + ChromaPop Blue Mirror


Smith SERPICO 2 Gold + ChromaPop Blue Mirror

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The aviator was once a functional solution to curb glare while flying, but its cool factor gave it appeal below the clouds. The Serpico 2 is our take on the classic. The "2" refers to a host of upgrades, from comfortable temples to adjustable nose pads that feel tailor-fit to your face. They come in your choice of crystal-clear Carbonic lenses or Smith ChromaPop™ for enhanced detail and color. Product Details: Vision ChromaPop™ lenses enhance contrast and natural color to make the details pop Carbonic lenses offer impact resistance and clear optics Smudge and moisture resistant coating for easy cleaning and clear optics (ChromaPop™ option only) Anti-reflective coating improves clarity and reduces eye strain (ChromaPop™ option only) Fit / Integration Medium fit, large coverage 9x3 toric lens curvature Tailor-fit adjustable nose pads Lens Colors: ChromaPop Polarized Platinum Mirror ChromaPop Polarized Blue Mirror ChromaPop Polarized Green Mirror ChromaPop Polarized Brown ChromaPop Polarized Gray Green Lens Polarized Brown Lens Polarized Gray Lens Metal Frame Colors: Silver Gold Gunmetal Matte Gold

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